Mindi Messmer for NH House


Our Seacoast communities are beautiful, wonderful places to live and raise children.  I fell in love with the seacoast back in 1988 when I moved here to attend graduate school at UNH and could not leave. 

As an environmental consultant for over 25 years, more than 17 of which as a small business owner, I have an in-depth understanding of enviromental issues that affect our community.

In the last few years I have attended Georgetown University as a graduate student in clinical and translational research. 

With a heightened awareness of health and environmental issues, in 2014 I noticed an unusually high rate of pediatric cancer cases in Rye and reported it to the NH Cancer Registry.  In February of this year, the state concluded that the cases represent a cancer "cluster."

In May of this year, I was asked to join Governor Hassan's Task Force to investigate the cause of the pediatric cancer cluster.  As a member of the task force, I attend monthly task force meetings and participate in raising environmental issues to the forefront that may impact the health and well-being of our community.

I hope to continue to raise issues that are important to our seacoast communities and I look forward to continuing to work hard for NH families.


       "I look forward to continuing to work hard for NH families."

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